Appearance in the other space


This year blurborders Art exchange invite the artists from Germany Mexico Poland Chile  together with Thai artists go to spend a time sharing the ideas visiting the peculiar space that we never seen in North east of Thailand, That area use to be the risk area for the Thai government during the communist period in Southeast asia. [1960 – 1980]. And in the same time they have the palace there for vocation of the Royal family. Also for the villager who living there, they have many story waiting us to seek and presented, the artists can get inspiration, enjoy and learn the way of life with the local people and create the art there. We will come back to Bangkok to finish the project at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

Appearance and the other space is the theme of the performance art project this year for presenting the work of the artists from Mexico Chile Germany Poland and Thailand. The idea of space, borders and space of border. The boundary lines are overlapping in today’s world. Boundary may not be a fixed lines for people to cross things or ideas. But that border may be erased or even rewritten depends on the relationship between people, places and time.

These are consistent ideas for performance art that focuses on the state of coexistence between the audience and the artist. Contemporary ideas convey the same feeling to the artist as they are performing.

For the space that the artists will spend a day there to create work we invite the artists from the democracy socialist and communist country together with Thai artists and the age is under 35 years Convey the views of their time and their eras in this historical area. It is a challenge to find out when the age has changed. What are the artists who have such backgrounds to pass on and present their live artwork? Facing the story to the memory, perception, even just a moment.

It is important to create a performance art piece. At the special time we define ‘Appearance in the other space’ what appears will prove some of the doubts we have.  The ‘borders’ are both clear and blurry. In our hearts  10774_10151381759771173_1042291288_n